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First things first, I love the way the book is structured - because it’s all in list format, it’s very easy to read and understand.

The List cover some very important topics in detail, especially the fake profiles on dating apps. This is not spoken about enough and many people are unable to identify fake profiles.

I personally enjoyed chapter 11 the most because it sheds light on something which many people often ignore: red flags. When you’re in love it is easy to ignore these things (or even justify them) but you did a great job at helping people understand that some things are simply a violation and should not be accepted. 

It is honestly hard for me to say anything that’s not positive, because the book is so well written and concise. I also like that in each chapter after the list section, you go into more detail about the topic and write longer paragraphs. It’s a good balance between short form lists and more detailed writing. 

Overall, the book is very well written - I don’t have anything bad to say. 

Well done!

Jude Brown
Reader from London, England

I really enjoyed it was easy to read quick and concise, thoughtful and thought provoking And of course I agree with many if all statements - playing games is a great indicator of one’s personality and super fun as an ice breaker! Nice job Kennet.

And being mindful how the other treats your time away - i had a boyfriend that would leave me notes and things like a cross he made with a prayer between my mattress that I would have never found if u weren’t flipping it brought me to tears that he wanted me safe when he was not there to protect.

And it was mindfully crafted!

Colleen Zimmer
Reader from Connecticut, USA

As a senior publishing advisor, I should say that the book is a must read for all especially those who are into online dating these days. I had many ‘light bulb’ moments reading it. Great book.

Homer Flores
Reader from New York, USA

A thought provoking read and introspective in the use of terminologies such as "interviewing' potential suitors to date and seeing the overall connection between you and the person you're deciding to date as a 'collaboration' allowing for a level of pragmatism to be applied to the coming together of two people deciding to share a life together, to establish key elements like enriching boundaries and necessary conversational topics to make an assessment if this 'candidate' opposite you is worth pursuing or allowing yourself to be pursued by them. 

I can see how this approach may reach some readers as quite clinical however the dating scene has metamorphosed into an almost unrecognisable beast as individuals are not always working on themselves or healing from life and so they bring burdens known and unknown into the desired dating or relationship archetype that can easily create misery! Who has time for that? Ultimately are we all not seeking the same thing? A partner we can fully relax with and be our true authentic selves around, where we experience reciprocal love, care attention, honesty, fun and growth and create feel good memories to last our lifetimes!

The steps outlined in Chapter 1 of The List re: Self-Reflection: 2. Experimentation:  3. Mindfulness:  4. Personal Values Assessment 5. Goal Setting 6. Adaptation and Growth are succinct reminders to memorise for quick interval check-ins with ourselves to remind us to stay true to our inherent value spectrum as well as being a wonderful hands on tangible resource!

International Singer and Songwriter, London, England

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