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Introduction to the book

How can you be certain if you've found "the one"? Is it possible to distinguish between someone who feels right but is actually wrong for you? The List offers practical insights and guidance to help you build lasting and healthy dating relationships.

Unlock the secrets that will enable you to meet, attract, and date the women you've always desired! Access a proven strategy that has been carefully developed over more than a decade.

What you're about to read is unlike anything you've encountered before. Unlike other dating books for men, The List doesn't involve complex theories or questionable tactics. Instead, it provides straightforward and practical content to empower you to become the best version of yourself. Enhance your mindset, social skills, and dating abilities to attract your dream woman and discern those who don't align with your needs.


The idea behind "The List" is to understand your desires and create a list of your criteria. Prioritize your criteria, recognizing that no one is perfect and will fulfill all your requirements. However, certain criteria are non-negotiable, known as showstoppers. It's crucial to establish these criteria before falling in love because, during the initial stages, you may overlook them for a year or two. However, eventually, you'll need to refer back to your list.


In The List you will learn how:

  • Defining what you seek in a partner and relationship
  • Crafting an attractive and authentic dating profile
  • Understanding fake profiles
  • Interview technique
  • Active listening and expressing your needs
  • Preparing for a successful first date
  • Dealing with rejection and building resilience
  • Identifying unhealthy patterns and toxic behaviors
  • Building a strong foundation for a lasting partnership
  • And much more…

THE LIST - A modern guide to dating (Audio)

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