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The book is launched at Amazon and AuthorHouse

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

My book "The List" is ready. Its my first book and it's very exiting.

“The List” bridges the gap between your current self and the person

you’re meant to be. It reveals a proven strategy to meet, attract, and date your

dream partner. Enhancing your mindset, social skills, and dating abilities

equips you to attract the right partner and avoid mismatches.

This book delves into the challenges and lessons of modern dating, offering

valuable insights, advice, and practical strategies. It emphasizes establishing

criteria for your life partner and provides guidance on creating and prioritizing

your own list. Inspired by reflections on failed marriages, “The List” aims to

improve readers’ dating experiences by sharing tools and insights.

You find the book to start with at AMAZON and AUTHORHOUSE. And you can also buy the eBook direct on my homepage.

I hope you find the book interesting! All the best, Kennet

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